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6. Publications

A. Specialized books:

The ( ICHRAPS ) produces books through its
variousresearch programs, and when deemed
necessary, will also publish
relevantworks written by researchers and PhD candidates outside the Counsil .

B. Research Papers: In-depth papers tackling a specific topic (6000-12000 words .(

C. Policy Analysis: Studies focusing on general policy issues and which recommend solutions to ongoing crises or conflicts in the region, which involve states, governmental and non-governmental actors (3000-5000 words . (

D. Case Analysis: Studies providing in-depth investigations of current regional issues as well as international issues of relevance to the Arab World and the wider region. They may be either written by individuals or produced collectively as a result of group discussions (3000-5000 words . (

E. Doha Report: Studies, recommendations and reports issued collectively after sessions of brainstorming involving the Counsil's researchers and key stakeholders in the sectors under discussion, including current and former officials .

F. Dossier: Set of files, each comprising a compilation of documents related to a particular issue .

G. Book Reviews: Critical analysis of relevant publications .

H. Semi-annual Periodical: To be issued by the Counsil (twice a year) and comprised of various geostrategic studies .
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