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The ( ICHRAPS ) is an international research for the study

of the Social Sciences, Applied Social Sciences, regional
history, and geostrategic issues.
The ( ICHRAPS ) is envisioned as one which analyses and critiques
policies while providing alternatives, be they Arab policies or
international policies towards the Arab region; governmental policies,
or the policies of institutions, parties or other bodies. It approaches the issues of Arab societies and states with the tools of social, economic and historical sciences, while adopting integrative, inter-disciplinary approaches and methodologies.

Though absent, the ( ICHRAPS ) presupposes the existence of an Arab national and human security, the presence of common Arab attributes and interests, and the possibility of developing an Arab economy. To that end, it will formulate programs and plans and pursue their implementation by means of its research and overall production. It is common knowledge that an American orientation has

long dominated political science discourse and methodology, especially in the field of so-called "Middle East Studies". This represents an intellectual expression of the political, economic and media hegemony exercised and maintained by US think tanks and intellectual institutions whose research programs are driven by the general policy needs and interests of the United States. Such intellectual compliance is not only secured by the agency of donor agendas and orientations, but also by the pervasive use of specific intellectual, terminological and conceptual tools.

Moreover, by catering primarily to a market of US policy and decision makers, US think tanks are often prone to oversimplification - reductionism and selective observation at best, and distortion of facts and reconfirmation of their assumptions at worst. Given the dominance of the Western academic point of reference and the belief in its impact on the decision-making process in the West, and in view of the dearth of comparably scientific Arab research counsil, Arab journalists and
politicians too often rely on American and Western analyses carried out by self-appointed "experts" in Islam, Arabs, Muslims and what is known as "Middle East Affairs".

In light of the above, there is an exigent Arab need for reviewing and challenging the prevailing research methods and approaches in the field, as well as devising a distinctly Arab concept of research that is driven by Arab agendas, so as to provide the needed information and analysis about the Arab region.

This vast intellectual gap needs to be filled by an independent ( ICHRAPS ), staffed by a team of qualified Arab researchers who seek to promote the interests of Arab citizens and societies, and which primarily addresses Arab society, citizens and institutions, and secondarily, Western society.

From this emerged the idea of establishing an Arab research institute whose work, activity and output focus on exposing and contesting that produced by Western think tanks in the Arab world, as well as any research about the Arab world at large. Its mission would be to serve as an Arab "think tank", examining policies, strategic planning, geostrategic, political and socio-economic issues. Thus, through providing a credible, politically independent and professional Arab alternative which pursues objective, original research, it would challenge the mainstream insofar as it is critical, controversial and provocative in its approach.
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